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Culture Values form the core of any organization. Integrity, commitment to excellence, commitment to people, and balance are the core values that shape the culture at QED and drive the way we work.

Integrity. We are committed to demonstrating the highest level of integrity when working with clients. When we enter into a relationship with a client we see ourselves as a "trusted advisor" - someone who provides honest feedback and accurate information - instead of the traditional contractor/client relationship which operates on a "fee-for-service" approach. We pride ourselves on the quality and level of trust in each client relationship we establish.

Commitment to Excellence. Our staff have one objective. When the job is complete, we want every client to think: "QED is the best contract support we've ever had." Short of that we haven't done our job.

Our staff will be there to support you whenever you need them. They think ahead -- anticipating future challenges, forecasting growth opportunities, and analyzing cross-organizational issues. They'll deliver a product that exceeds your needs and is seamlessly executed. Our job is to look out for our clients' best interest and we pride ourselves on repeat business. That is the indicator that we've done a good job.

Commitment to People. At QED we take pride in our unique, creative culture. We have a richly diverse staff. We enjoy one another's differences. In fact, our people and the work environment they create is one of the most appealing qualities about QED. At QED you'll find someone with a degree in music working alongside someone with a background in information sciences. We have people just starting out in their careers as well as seasoned professionals. Instead of randomly assigning staff to clients, we thoughtfully team up our staff based on their strengths to best serve our clients. By focusing on teamwork, cooperation and collaboration, each member of our staff is encouraged to lead with his/her strengths. We're able to ensure our clients' success by bringing the strongest possible team to each consulting engagement.

We're also committed to being an active part of our community here in Washington. We encourage and help our employees to do charitable work, such as doing pro bono work for local organizations. We take pride in giving back to the community.

Balance. At QED we work hard to foster a family-friendly environment that is unsurpassed in the consulting industry. We don't just talk about helping our employees find a balance between stimulating, rewarding professional work and having a satisfying personal life. We do something about it. For example, we provide all employees with the technology they need to work from home or telecommute. We accommodate flexible schedules. We provide ways for our staff to become active members in their community and give them the time and support they need to do charitable work.

We believe that we've created a unique way of meeting our clients' needs. And it starts by taking care of the people who work for us. If our employees are happy and enjoy their work, it means they'll go the extra mile for their clients to ensure satisfaction. We look out for our people because we expect them to look out for our clients.

Integrity, Excellence, People, Balance. At QED our commitment to our employees, clients, and the community provides a solid foundation for our future.