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Alliances We believe in going the extra mile for our clients. That means not only bringing our expertise and commitment to the table, but also actively seeking out other companies that have skills and abilities our clients can use. We've created strategic alliances with key companies, including:

TAG (The Armstrong Group)
TAG is composed of a small group of senior consultants with expertise in organizational performance improvement. TAG has worked primarily with nonprofit and government clients. Much of their work involves helping management teams clarify strategic goals, identity core values, and set benchmarks for superior performance. TAG also specializes in conflict resolution and leadership development through breakthrough behaviors. TAG has developed several tools to help organizations improve their performance including Competency Based Organization (CBO) Index, an assessment instrument and Performula, a web-based performance management system.

HumRRO (Human Resource Research Organization)
HumRRO has a 50-year history of excellence in the human resource arenas of leadership, training, selection, and performance management. HumRRO began as a research center for the US Army. It has evolved into an independent nonprofit organization with a reputation for the highest level of professional expertise in applied psychology.