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Staff Biographies Since the founding of QED in 1998, the company has worked for a variety of public, nonprofit and private sector clients. The following are brief descriptions of some of the QED projects. If, after reading through these sample projects, you would like more information or a reference, please give us a call. We would be happy to share the details of each project and provide client contact points.

The Office of Business Management (ABZ) at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
QED has worked closely with ABZ in the Office of Research and Acquisitions (ARA) on approximately ten projects ranging from annual strategic planning and manager certification, to workforce planning and development. QED consultants provide program support for many large projects within ARA, including the development and implementation of a labor distribution reporting system. For more information regarding ABZ projects, please contact Dr. Earl Pence (epence@qedllc.com).  [top]

The Office of Cost and Performance Management of the FAA
Since February 2001, QED has been providing a full range of program implementation planning and analytical, technical and administrative support services for the FAA's Air Traffic System (ATS) Labor Distribution Reporting (LDR) System program. QED consultants assist ATS with program controls and processes, team structure and roles, program plans and milestones, schedule and budget tracking, training, communication, briefings and position papers. In addition, QED consultants provide facilitation and support services for several working groups. For more information regarding these projects, please contact Lisa Shaw (lshaw@qedllc.com).  [top]

The Office of Aviation System Standards (AVN) of the FAA
QED worked closely with AVN between 2000 and 2002 to address several management challenges. During this period, QED helped AVN with the integration of the Aeronautical Charting and Cartography (AC&C) from the Department of Commerce. QED consultants also supported two AVN teams, one focused on examining the usefulness of aerial imaging technologies and another focused on developing a long-term (15 year) aircraft replacement strategy for the 33-airplane fleet. For more information, please contact Dr. Douglas Rachford (drachford@qedllc.com).  [top]

The Office of Training and Development (OTD) of the US Customs Service (USCS)
In the spring of 1999, the Office of Training and Development (OTD) was created within the USCS. QED helped OTD with one of its first program tasks - to develop, deliver and implement the National Training Plan (NTP). QED consultants helped establish training policies and the allocation of training resources based on a needs-based business case model. Since the first NTP, QED consultants have helped automate the training requirements and prioritization process, and developed a standardized curriculum framework to improve training quality. QED also helped develop a series of occupational booklets (Standard Curriculum Frameworks-SCFs), which are widely disseminated to USCS employees and help clarify strategic priorities and training opportunities. For more information, please contact Dr. Douglas Rachford (drachford@qedllc.com).  [top]

The Food Safety and Inspection Service of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
QED consultants supported Food Safety and Inspection Service's (FSIS) Human Resources Division with their succession-planning program. Similar to other government organizations, FSIS faces a significant attrition in their senior executive and management workforce in the coming years. QED facilitated planning sessions and workshops on strategic workforce planning and helped develop a high-level action plan. For more information, please contact Dr. Earl Pence (epence@qedllc.com).  [top]

The US Maritime Administration (MARAD)
QED Consulting recently began assisting MARAD in its workforce planning effort under the President Bush's Management Agenda. Like many Federal organizations, MARAD faces changing priorities and tight budgets, and many of its functions have evolved such that the competencies needed in many of its occupations are not available in the current workforce. QED is working for the Director of Human Resources and the top leadership of MARAD to clarify priorities and identify drivers of change. QED will help the MARAD leadership use the information to establish planning scenarios for estimating workload and competency requirements and then develop a workforce plan tied to MARAD budget projections. For more information, please contact Dr. Douglas Rachford (drachford@qedllc.com).  [top]

MITRE Corporation
QED consultants worked with MITRE Corporation leadership in the development and facilitation of a one-day training program focused on teambuilding and enhancing communication. The training goals were to review past work performance and identify ways to create a stronger team environment with common goals for the coming year. For more information, please contact Dr. Earl Pence (epence@qedllc.com).  [top]

American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. (AOTA)
QED consultants helped the AOTA leadership develop a change management process to transform AOTA from a traditional hierarchical structure to an organization structured around functional work teams. An important aspect of the process was to assist AOTA leadership in aligning its operating values and core values to foster new behaviors of cooperation, teamwork, customer service and leadership. For more information, please contact Dr. Earl Pence (epence@qedllc.com).  [top]

National Institute of Health Federal Credit Union (NIHFCU)
QED is collaborating with The Armstrong Group (TAG), a QED strategic partner, to develop a succession planning system for NIHFCU. Activities to date have focused on creation of the succession plan, defining key positions, requirements, and competencies, and developing a screening tool for selecting employees for development and potential promotion. For more information, please contact Dr. Earl Pence (epence@qedllc.com).  [top]