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Strategic Planning The key challenge in strategic planning is translating lofty visions into actionable strategies. We have found that canned strategic planning methodologies often leave clients with a product they can't use. Setting the context for strategic planning and connecting strategic initiatives to implementation plans is crucial to creating meaningful change and, ultimately, successfully meeting organizational goals.

Our Approach. QED tailors our strategic planning approach to fit each client's situation. While the process is adjusted to fit the organizational level, group size and time constraints, the following three components are typically incorporated into each plan:
  • Establishing Context: We first work with clients to develop an accurate summary of their organizational status. This sets the context for what the organization hopes to accomplish through strategic planning. We review existing business plans, market research, customer surveys, and prior strategic plans. If appropriate, we will also interview staff, managers, officers, or Board members.

  • Strategic Planning Retreat: We have found that core strategic planning is best accomplished off-site with key organizational leaders. We usually provide participants with review material summarizing the organizational context prior to the retreat. Activities typically include: reviewing the organizational context, reaching agreement on core vision, customers, and services/products, setting strategic goals and measures, identifying necessary changes, identifying potential barriers and constraints, generating strategies for leading change and overcoming barriers, developing strategic initiatives, and assigning responsibility for detailed implementation planning.

  • Implementation Planning: Assigning responsibilities for strategic initiatives is just the beginning of making a strategic plan come to life. QED can work with individual staff members to establish a plan for implementing their initiatives, including developing a tracking mechanism for evaluating progress that can be used as a measure of accountability and success for the management team or Board. We can also provide ongoing project management support for clients who are not sufficiently staffed to carry out implementation. QED can assist with internal and external communication, process improvement, training, succession planning, and other efforts as necessary to help clients implement strategic initiatives and meet their goals.
QED Consulting welcomes the opportunity to discuss your strategic planning requirements. For a free initial consultation, please contact our principal, Doug Rachford at (703) 525-5333 ext. 1113 (drachford@qedllc.com).