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Organizational Analysis To succeed, every organization needs objective information about itself. That's where organizational analysis comes in. Organizational analysis provides leaders with an objective view of their organization on several dimensions. It can be thought of as 360 degree feedback for an organization. It is generally used to assist in strategic planning, business (tactical) planning, organizational design initiatives, or input for business process improvement projects. In addition to providing an unbiased description of the organization, analysis results in a set of recommendations for change to improve organizational performance.

Our Approach. QED consultants tailor their organizational analysis work to meet the needs of each client. Typically we include some aspect of each of the following three components:
  • Environmental Scan: An external environmental scan identifies issues such as competitive forces, technology trends, market forces, and financial issues/trends affecting an organization. In addition, QED samples internal and external stakeholders (i.e. staff, managers, officers or Board members, current customers, prospective and former customers, vendors and community members) for information on how the organization operates. During this process, QED develops an inventory of the organization's strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, opportunities for growth, and potential new products and services. In addition to the data collected through interviews, QED reviews materials provided by the organization (e.g. previous plans, studies, promotional materials, and process descriptions).

  • Leadership Vision: QED organizational analysis results are delivered to leaders (and often staff) who interpret the data. As part of this process, QED provides facilitators to help the team identify key issues, develop solutions, design communication strategies, and encourage workforce involvement. We are always able to perform additional data collection to verify or enhance findings to ensure that a complete picture is provided. The end result of this phase is a clear vision by the leadership on the current organizational status, future challenges and directions for the organization.

  • Implementation Planning: A trademark of QED's approach to organizational analysis and change is that we move beyond visioning and strategizing to develop concrete action plans. During this phase, we strongly recommend involving a healthy cross-section of the workforce and collective bargaining unit representatives, if appropriate. At critical stages in implementation planning we also recommend collecting reactions and input from Board members or other key stakeholders. In organizations with strong leadership, this movement from vision casting to action results in meaningful planning with real organizational change and measurable benefits.
Contact Us. QED Consulting welcomes the opportunity to discuss your organizational analysis needs. For a free initial consultation, please contact our principal, Doug Rachford at (703) 525-5333 ext. 1113 (drachford@qedllc.com).