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Facilitation, Team Building, and Board Development Every organization faces the challenge of groups or teams who are striving to improve their performance. Performance may be hindered by a lack of clarity regarding roles and responsibilities. It can also occur when individuals are operating with different values or goals. When it occurs within a management or leadership team (including the Board of Directors), the organization may suffer from a lack of direction and confusion about organizational priorities. External facilitation can help a group confront problems so they can focus on effectively accomplishing their goals rather than on extraneous issues.

Our Approach. QED's consultants listen to, and work closely with, an organization's leadership to assess needs, define the scope of work and apply the best combination of QED staff and facilitation techniques. Interventions and timeframes will vary from single sessions to on-going facilitation throughout a major organizational change. QED provides several facilitation techniques including:
  • Team Building. Team building sessions can help a group better know one another, better understand work behaviors, and build consensus for a specific plan of action. Frequently, group exercises help reveal values and assumptions that may be influencing behaviors. For example, we employ DiSC (a personal communication style tool) to help individuals understand their personal communication style and how styles can conflict, creating misunderstanding and barriers to productivity.
  • Discovering Core Values. Disparate values can lead to confusion, frustration, and a host of negative outcomes. While organizations try to define core values that they want to embody or promote, operating values that govern actual behaviors and decision-making are often hidden and unknown. QED consultants can help leadership teams discover how operating values work and how they are distinguished from personally held values. Personal values form the basis for core values that leaders use to make decisions for their organization.

  • Board Development. A highly effective Board of Directors knows their role, responsibility, and the types of decisions they are charged with making. Ineffective Boards can become disengaged or, inversely, can micro-manage the organizations they oversee, and with an ineffective Board the organization is forced to fill the vacuum, typically with poor results. QED can help organizations and their Boards define roles and responsibilities to increase Board effectiveness and efficiency.

Contact Us. QED Consulting welcomes the opportunity to discuss your Facilitation, Team Building, and Board Development needs. For a free initial consultation, please contact our principal, Doug Rachford at (703) 525-5333 ext. 1113 (drachford@qedllc.com).